Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I am booking house shows with my electro project Diseases of the South. I put together this little video explaining what an electronic house show is all about. If interested contact me.

Diseases of the South wants to play your house!

Diseases of the South (Ryan Holiday) would like to play your house!

I am looking for willing participants to a host a show in their homes.

How would this work? 

I would bring my live set-up to your living room, garage, or communal space and perform a concert.

Will this be an acoustic show?

No. This will be an electronic show. I will perform with my laptop, visuals, and live vocals.

Will it be loud?

No. It shouldn’t be louder than turning up a stereo a bit. It is important to me to have a good, clear sound without blowing the roof off. And I don’t want to piss off your neighbors…..Unless you want me to.

What’s this going to cost me?

Nothing. The concert will be donation-based.

Who will be invited?

As the host, you invite a minimum of 20 adult friends that would enjoy an evening with Diseases of the South. 

What about the children?

I like children, however, if they’re really young they may get antsy. It will be best for you to have someone watch them during the performance. Unless they’re into arty/electronic/ambient music, they’ll probably want to be in another room anyway.

How do I set up the space?

The best way to set up the space is like a concert venue. Chairs in rows for people to sit. Think of it as an event in your house.

Can I just throw a party and have you play?

This would be a concert. The performance would be the event. Besides, my music isn’t really party music. I’m a real downer.

If you’re interested in hosting a show, email me at fuglyroses(at)gmail.com and I will send you details about how we can organize the show.

Explaining DAY & NIGHT

The self-titled double album, simply known as “Night/Day”, is a 24 hour snapshot of modern suburban life. Night/Day discusses the stresses of life choices, insomnia, self doubt, and depression that revolves around a suburban household. The “Night” side, a collection of eight pieces, is presented as a single 35 minute long track. The pieces are small, ambient, and at times a little creepy. “Night” is most definitely the antithesis of “Day”. From the grinding wake up call of Good Morning, to the repetitive daily routine in Oddly Meditative, “Day” explores the tension of keeping it all together. There are chord progressions that reappear throughout Night/Day, tying the albums into a concept, not unlike movements in a classical piece. “Night” leans towards artists like Brian Eno, Tim Hecker, and Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock. “Day” has a livelier sound more akin to the art-rock of David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and St Vincent, while integrating heady electronic music not unlike Moderat, Underworld, and latter Radiohead.

Both Albums (Day & Night) Are Available As Pay-What-You-Want On Bandcamp

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